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VBC.DIGITAL cards work with any smartphone with NFC-reading capabilities.

After you purchase your VBC, the setup fee goes towards the initial printing, designing, and mailing of your card. Any changes you'd like to make to the content are completely free with your monthly subscription--just shoot us an email and we'll get right on it! Our current edit times are within 48 hours during business days for VBC.STARTER and VBC.DIGITAL subscription tiers, and within 24 hours during business days for the VBC.PLATINUM tier.

--If someone has an iPhone, tap your card to the top back of the phone near the camera.

--If someone has an Android phone, tap your card to the back middle under the camera.

Can you moonwalk away? No? It's okay. Not everyone has an NFC-enabled smartphone, and sometimes we all fumble trying to find that NFC reader sweet-spot. Just laugh it off and compliment the person's watch while they're extending their phone out to you.

Nope! The tap should work regardless of a having a case, as long as it's not, like, a supersonic case designed to survive the apocalypse. Looking at you, OtterBox. Not sponsored.

Go to Settings > search for NFC in the search bar > toggle NFC on.

No. We start production on your VBC immediately after you submit your order. While you can cancel your subscription at any time, you will not be refunded your initial setup fee.

VBC.DIGITAL is run by Rachel Silverstein and Emily Nunez, two queer business women who want you to network like a platinum bitch. Read more about us here.

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